Computer Numerical Control: CNC

High machining accuracy within 0.05~0.1mm.
Flexible and efficient in manufacturing.
Complicated jewelry structure available.


A satin-matte (sometimes called "brushed") finish is created by using a fine grit surface and brushing it in one direction. We have many techniques and tools useful for making a brushed look.

Enamel with Colors and Luster

It is a craft that combines craftsmanship and art with high technical requirements and complex production processes that allows for a fusion of Chinese and Western.

Micro Pavé Setting

XCE Micro Pavé Setting uses slim prongs that make stones shine and make jewelry looks more delicate and beautiful.

Special Stone Setting

We can make stones in good shape like heart-shaped stones on the bangle to match them with silver very well to decorate products in delicate and high quality.

Production Process

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